You can be fresh out of university, and have doubts about the right company type for your career which is totally normal. You can also be an experienced software developer, but haven’t found the company that motivates you to get out of bed every single day, and work with a cross-functional team and open-layout environment. Many people have a hard time choosing that, or have doubts about the wisdom of their choice later down the line. Yet, choosing the right working environment is the deal breaker.
As a software developer, you might want to consider being surrounded by tech experts in a work environment that uses cutting edge technologies, challenges you as a way of professional growth, is motivational and engaging, and ensures a work-life balance. Well, look no more because Logisoft, a freight and logistics tech company, provides just that.

Why You’ll Love Working at Logisoft – a Freight and Logistics Tech Company

1. We Believe in: Thinking First. Coding Second.

You read that right. You might be a software developer, but you’re not a programmed robot that is executing a set of instructions and tasks. You’ll be expected to be involved, deeply understand the freight and logistics industry, and propose and develop solutions.

“At Logisoft, we believe in people who realize that software development is about thinking first and foremost. Then comes writing the code to support that. Our people deeply understand our industry with all its challenges in order to effectively contribute and propose solutions. Everyone wants to be part of something. It’s human nature. People like being involved. They like having influence. They want to be heard and contribute. Our job is to foster a space to do all those things.” – Tarek Saab, Founder

2. Mentorship From an Experienced Team

No one is born a master. Education and knowledge can be only gained by effort. Likewise, skill and proficiency are gained over time. Regardless of the industry and job title, amateurs have become experts through determination and the continual will to learn, sharpen their skills and expand their knowledge.

Working at Logisoft, we guarantee that we’ll provide numerous worthwhile learning opportunities related to both your domain and ours in freight and logistics. Our team will share their accumulated knowledge and skills that will develop your technical and soft skills. You won’t find yourself scratching your head trying to understand the industry on your own. Entering a niche industry can be overwhelming especially when you’re not familiar with it. Consequently, during the first months of your employment as a software developer at Logisoft, you will be mentored until you get an intermediate grasp of the industry, if not advanced.

Additionally, being part of our team, you get to work on multiple tech stacks whereas in large corporations you are generally working on a single project and defined technology stack.

In a nutshell, you’ll find yourself spotting challenges and opportunities in the industry and turning them into strengths. You’ll be expected to contribute in delivering digital and innovative logistics and freight solutions and services that have a huge impact on the freight and logistics industry in the short and long term.

3. Driven by Curiosity and the Innovation Time Out Policy

Following in the footsteps of Google, we encourage our team to spend 80% of their time working on core projects, and 20% of their time on “innovation” activities that they think will benefit Logisoft and the industry, be it spotting gaps, looking for improvements or coming up with creative solutions. This empowers our team to be more motivated, challenged and engaged. Our employees are provided with the needed space to explore their capabilities which can improve morale and increase work output. When inspiration strikes, the end result can be a product, feature or solved challenge that boosts productivity and increases revenue.

Being part of our freight and logistics tech company’s team, we ensure that you’re always self-motivated, and heard when you approach us with new ideas and solutions. All we ask for is to think big and outside the box.

4. Enjoy the Perks of a Startup Culture

Although we’ve passed the startup phase, yet we think like a startup, scale like an enterprise, and balance the best of both. In an ever-changing economy, a company wonders, “What does it take to thrive and outperform the competition?” Well, as Logisoft, we’ve kept a page from the tech startup book.

One of the benefits of a startup culture is the extensive amount of innovation that occurs in every corner of the company. There’s an ideology of creativity, deliberate risk-taking and daring to think outside the box to find bold new solutions that reaffirms our mission, as a freight and logistics tech company, in automating and digitizing the freight and logistics industry. Without a second thought, innovation is a value that every company strives for, but the challenge lies in balancing innovation and our clients’ goals. Here’s where cross-functional teams come in to solve a problem, and pitch their innovative ideas for business process improvements and new digital freight and logistics solutions.

Additionally, an often untapped source of team inspiration and motivation comes from our belief in a non-corporate hierarchy. At Logisoft, innovative propositions and solutions come from every team member regardless of job titles and experience.

“A lack of thought diversity is a surefire way to suppress innovation.”

We’re all for company leaders leaning into innovative ideas of team members with different perspectives through authentic engagement.

5. Encourage Each Other’s Success and Work Hand-in-Hand

You’ve probably heard phrases like “There is no I in team” or “Teamwork makes the dream work”. Team spirit is crucial at Logisoft. We believe that the stronger the team is, the stronger the company.

“Your only competition is yourself.”

Great teams that inspire fellow colleagues and have a shared respect does not happen by chance. Having a strong team spirit among colleagues means that we care, we motivate, we encourage one another and enjoy helping one another to succeed. We look forward to growth, and eliminate any room for selfish competitiveness.

There is an inherent interplay of energies, passions, knowledge and skills between different team members; all of which creates positive vibes, a unique product and a worthwhile user experience.

Final Thoughts on Working as a Software Developer at Logisoft

As a software developer, working at Logisoft, a freight and logistics tech company, puts you on an accelerated career trajectory especially since we live by the exciting culture of startups. There is a spirit of networking with a diverse group of experienced talents as well as sharing and collaborating with everyone to create the next big thing. After all, the goal is to maintain an empowering and inspiring work culture by providing a wealth of resources, training and incentives while nurturing our team’s innovation to bring big ideas to the industry.

So, would you join Logisoft?

The experience can best be summed up in the words of the late Steve Jobs, back in the 1980s, when he was convincing John Sculley, Pepsi executive at the time, to join Apple: “Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life, or do you want to come with me and change the world?”

“The walks we took, the things I learned from him and what he learned from me about marketing. The student became the master. He became an incredible marketer. I learned about the noble cause and to create insanely great user experiences. These were brilliant insights that nobody in Silicon Valley was thinking about at the time.” – John Sculley to Forbes