About Us

Who we are

We are a technology company specialized in building, implementing, and fully supporting custom IT solutions for global freight and logistics companies.

We help our customers overcome complexity and eliminate inefficiencies in their processes by switching to reliable, well-supported information technology systems of our own making.


Freight and logistics is a complex business, which involves many parties to move goods from point A to point B. To overcome complexity, all involved parties must be part of one interconnected system in which information technologies play a key role.


To make the global freight and logistics faster, simpler, more reliable, and more affordable for everyone.


We are helping freight and logistics companies reduce complexity and become more efficient by upgrading their businesses to fully automated, fully integrated IT solutions.

We build fully integrated, fully automated IT solutions

The process of transporting goods is a complex process, we simplified it by building a fully automated environment in which the involved parties can send and receive business data easily, quickly, and with as little manual user input as possible; as well as integrating all the parties within one single IT solution.

Expertise from experience with your industry

Before we founded Logisoft, we started as an IT department in a well-known ocean carrier. We learned about the needs of the industry from our personal frustrations with deficient 3rd party IT products and services that our department had to use, implement and integrate.

We wanted to build the ideal, future-proof solution that would sustain small and large freight and logistics businesses for years to come. That is exactly what we did!