A Look Back at Our Awards and Achievements


Our commitment to excellence has garnered significant industry acclaim

Recognized as a High Performer in both the Supply Chain Suites category for Winter 2024 and Freight Management category for Spring 2023. Notably, we achieved a #1 ranking for Likelihood to Recommend in Winter 2024 and #1 for Meets Requirements in Summer 2023, both in the Freight Management category for Small-Businesses.


2023 Performance in Numbers


Bookings Processed


Shipments Accomplished


Shipments Booked/ Working hour


Invoiced Volume


Stock Units Managed


Voyages Created


Service Uptime

Cargo Types Shipped

Top Models Shipped

Top Ports of Loading

Top Ports of Discharging


Customer Retention

The percentage of loyal customers we retained in 2023


New Users

The number of users increased 18.8% in 2023 compared to 2022

Strategic Integration with Vincario for VIN Decoding

This year marked a pivotal moment as we forged a strategic partnership with Vincario, integrating their VIN decoding service into our system. This collaboration enhances our capabilities in accurately retrieving and interpreting vehicle identification numbers (VINs). The integration with Vincario contributes to improved data accuracy, streamlined processes, and enriched user experiences, aligning with our commitment to delivering high-quality services.

Strategic Integration with Vincario for VIN Decoding

Seamless Integration with MarineTraffic for Port Distance Calculation

In a move to enhance our geographical data capabilities, we established an integration with MarineTraffic for port distance calculations. This collaboration provides our system with access to real-time maritime data, enabling accurate and efficient determination of distances between ports. The integration with MarineTraffic not only enhances our service offerings but also strengthens our commitment to providing reliable and up-to-date information to our users.

Seamless Integration with MarineTraffic for Port Distance Calculation

Company and Team Advancement

In the past year, our company achieved significant advancements in team and operational strategies. Emphasizing open communication and collaboration, we fostered a culture of continuous improvement. Innovative strategies, like pair programming, boosted technical skills, and an agile transformation streamlined our projects management. These initiatives demonstrate our dedication to empowering our team and optimizing processes for greater success.

Technical Improvements

In our pursuit of technical excellence, the team strategically refactored a significant portion of our codebase, adhering to industry best practices and improving system performance. The ongoing commitment to optimization ensures our software remains robust for future innovation. We systematically increased test coverage, identifying issues early and reinforcing our commitment to high-quality, bug-free software.

2023’s Most Noteworthy Features and Releases That Made a Difference


  • We introduced the Billable Items Module, a feature that empowered users to easily search for billable items, add pricing to units, and generate and create invoices.


  • We improved our “booking bulk operation” feature which allows users to update multiple units properties easily rather than having to do it one by one.
  • We introduced the Booking Allocation Module, that enabled users to define booking block rules to efficiently manage agent allocations & limits.


  • We introduced a new Customer Relationship Management Module (CRM), focused on managing Contact Inquiries and Customer Leads.
  • Integrated with Vincario for accurate and seamless VIN Decoding of European vehicles.
  • We introduced a Quotation Module which provided a user-friendly platform for efficient creation and management of quotes across multiple channels.
  • We introduced Commodity Category and Subcategory Management, a pivotal addition for logistics in shipping. Enhancing efficiency and accurate handling of commodities.


  • Implemented the ability for users to create rules with specific commodity category.


  • Added the ability to Upload Files to Booking Units, an enhancement that empowered users to upload and associate relevant files with booking units.


  • We introduced our all-new Transport module, replacing the pickup module. This significant improvement empowered users with the ability to execute multiple transports for a single booking, revolutionizing the efficiency and adaptability of their logistics management.
  • We implemented the ability for users to specify intermediate POD for Transhipments.


  • We added the ability for users to define hazardous materials; where the hazmat category is a separate segment of freight which requires strict regulatory compliance and safety measures.
  • We introduced the Manifest Correction Module, that enabled users to correct manifest details.This practical addition has streamlined the correction process, offering efficiency and ease of use.
  • We’ve integrated Power BI reports, including our new Tariff Analyzer, into our Desktop App and Digital Web Portal. Unlocking access and analyzation of data for enhanced insights.
  • Added Container booking support to Client Portal.
  • Added PowerBI Reports module to Client Portal.
  • Introduced new Voyages Schedule module to client portal, enabling the agent’s clients to explore available sailing schedules in a whole new experience.
  • Introduced new Ports module that enabled the agent’s clients and website visitors to explore available ports and their terminal details using an interactive map.


  • Added a new key booking party role, the “Clearing Agent”, enhancing booking process and accuracy.
  • We’ve expanded our reporting capabilities with the addition of the “Voyage Profit by Charges” report to our lineup. This latest feature provided detailed breakdown of charges and expenses, offering valuable insights into voyage profitability.
  • We’ve added the “Contact Inquiries” module to the client portal, allowing direct communication between the agents and their clients.
  • We implemented the ability for users to send Payment Receipts systematically through automatic messaging.


  • Introduced a new Parcel Events feature! Allowing users to centralize shipping and tracking events, gaining a comprehensive overview.
  • We established an integration with MarineTraffic for port distance calculations. This collaboration provided our system access to real-time maritime data, enabling accurate and efficient determination of distances between ports.


  • Added the felxibility for users to customize fields in Stock Export to excel. Allowing them to select and export only the relevant properties they need in their reports.
  • Introduced the Tagging Feature for Booking Units, This feature enabled users to categorize and label units with custom tags.
  • Introduced new Contract Management feature, where users can easily create new contracts or add existing ones, streamlining logistics operations by consolidating all contracts in one accessible platform.
  • Introduced Forecasting Management feature. A powerful feature that allowed users to predict and plan for future demands, optimizing resource allocation and improving overall logistics efficiency.

Success Stories of 2023


AES Web Link Filing API Upgrade Success:
Leading the Change

In response to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s upgrade of the Web Link Filing API, our team at Logisoft not only embraced the challenge but emerged as pioneers, being among the first to implement the changes necessary for the upgrade. Demonstrating notable agility and adaptability, we swiftly reprioritized, efficiently navigating the tech shift, and seamlessly implementing the upgrade.


Logisoft TOS Implementation at APS Stevedoring, Baltimore Port

Logisoft earned commendation from APS Stevedoring post the implementation of our Terminal Operating System (TOS) at Baltimore Port. The client expressed profound satisfaction, stating, “After a week, I should tell you, I truly enjoy the interface of Logisoft. You’ve created quite an application that we’re just about to commission for 100% self-sufficiency.” This feedback serves as a testament to Logisoft’s commitment to an intuitive UI, simplicity, customization, and customer-centric implementation.


Advancements in EU VIN Decoding Streamlining Accuracy and Efficiency

This improvement in VIN decoding technology have been noteworthy, particularly in handling EU VINs. These enhancements excel not just in successfully decoding complex European VINs but also in error detection, ensuring precise data by spotting typos and discrepancies. The added advantage of automated data filling is contributing significantly to operational efficiency across the industry, eliminating the need for manual entry and aligning with the sector’s commitment to accuracy and streamlined processes.


Quotation Processes Propel Freight Forwarders and NVOCCs to New Heights

The integration of interactive quotation plugins on freight forwarders’ and NVOCCs’ websites has significantly improved efficiency and client interaction. By adding user-friendly features for requesting and responding to quotations, our users has experienced a notable boost in activity. Clients now enjoy a more straightforward process for submitting requests and receiving prompt responses. This technological upgrade not only accelerates transactional procedures but also positions freight forwarders and NVOCCs as pioneers in innovative logistics solutions. This change is making the environment better for both companies that provide services and the people who use them.

2024 Roadmap

In 2024, we’re introducing a range of innovative features and functionalities to enhance Logisoft’s capabilities and provide a more robust and streamlined user experience.


  • Advancing Logisoft Handheld App


  • Strategic Integrations with OEMs for Carriers and Terminals


  • Enhancing and Unifying the Voyage Management


  • Enhanced Ship Tracking and Integrating AIS Technology


  • Noon Report Integration


  • Advanced Features in Logisoft Mobile App


  • Cargo Capacity, Planning, and Forecast


  • Live Chat and Real-time Communication


  • Budgeting and Improved Voyage Calculation


  • Container Consolidation


  • Launching Public Directory for Logistics Providers


  • Improve Stock Data Import


  • Improve Document Management and Messaging Feature


  • Work on Further Ocean Carrier Integrations


  • Yard Management Features


  • Operation Performance KPIs


  • General Technical Upgrades, User Experience, and Security Enhancements

Pioneering Technical Advances for a Better Logistics Industry in 2024