Modern System That Optimizes Every Terminal Facet

Developed by software engineers with years of experience in software design and development and who have passed through every aspect of the terminal operation, Logisoft terminal operating system delivers a cost-effective and easy-to-use TOS solution to handle and manage your RoRo terminals and warehouses. Our cloud-based terminal operating system enables terminals to tap into the latest technology with a very easy and swift implementation process. You can then streamline your terminal operations processes in receiving, handling, preparing and loading cargo.

Modern System That Optimizes Every Terminal Facet

Do These Terminal Business Challenges Sound Familiar?

Manual data entry and lack of electronic data interchange

Lengthy and complicated invoicing process that is prone to more mistakes

Wasting hours of time every day preparing and sending Excel lists

Lack of real time updates that reduces visibility

Pen and paper, printed lists and tick sheets are part of your daily tasks

On-premises hardware and costly IT maintenance

Outdated system that runs slower than a modern TOS, and takes longer to execute tasks

Limited software features and functionalities and overpriced customization fees

Automatically receive cargo announcements using our intelligent system integrations!

Save resources, eliminate unintentional data entry mistakes and VIN typos using our real-time data exchange and booking integration with shipping lines and other customers. Remember a stitch in time saves nine.

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Mitigate Your Business Struggles with Logisoft Terminal Operating System

Optimization of your day to day operations from receiving and handling Roll-on Roll-off cargo at your terminal to preparation and loading.

Full audit log of every user’s actions; giving you complete control.

KPIs that allow full control on performance and maximizes efficiency.

Cargo visibility and management functionality for tracking every cargo that passes through your terminal.

Optimum configurability that suits your business requirements.

Real-time updates and views which results in smarter decisions and improved productivity.

User-friendly and intuitive interface with fast cargo receiving functionality.

Fast and easy implementation, data migration and users’ training.

Continuous software updates and improvements.

Minimal IT efforts.

Created and backed by industry insiders with a long history in the industry; literally from the gate to the vessel.

Increased operation speed while simultaneously decreasing your operational costs.

Start with a free trial before switching to a subscription based or per unit fee. No setup fees!

Create recurring email jobs based on your business requirements. Save hours every day by refocusing your team’s efforts.
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A Terminal Operating System That Will Make Your Business Stand Out

RoRo and other general cargo

Logisoft TOS covers every freight type from roll-on/roll-off, warehouse goods to project cargoes at terminals with ease.

Electronic Data Interchange and WebAPI

Logisoft terminal operating system supports both EDI and WebAPI for a seamless data exchange with all your business partners and customers per standard formats or based on your specifications.

Logisoft Digital Client Portal

As terminal operators, create a unique digital experience for your clients by facilitating online booking, tracking their shipments and handling their financials through the client portal.

Cargo Location Management

Provides an accurate and instantaneous location and positioning of all cargoes within the yard on arrival and post-move.

Automatic Invoicing

Allows you to configure your tariffs to automatically generate invoices for your clients on the spot in a few clicks.

Audit Logging

Every user action is logged where you can then get a 360° history of your terminal operations; giving you complete control.

Real-Time Key Performance Indicators

Our terminal operating system helps you make data-driven decisions that have a direct impact on your terminal performance. From daily tracking to a weekly summary of the IN and OUT cargo.

A Cloud-Based Terminal Operating System

Logisoft Terminal Operating System is a cloud-based application that can be used anywhere at any time. All you need is internet access and a computer.

Service Availability

Your data is not only securely stored in the cloud but is also available 99.9% of the time.

Cargo Announcement and Fast Receiving

Zero manual data input which reduces the peaks in gate operations by streamlining the shipment’s receiving process.

Automated Emails

Connect your email address to Logisoft TOS to auto-send the load list, stock list, cargo dimensions list and invoices..

Cost and Profit Centers

Manage terminal revenue and expenses by allocating cost and profit centers such as vessels, voyage number, port of loading and port of discharge.

Smart Data Validation

Leverage technology to maximize the use of time, money and resources – ensuring the correct data entry while ultimately reducing the miss of required information.

Handheld Device

The ultimate tool for improving efficiency can be at your workers’ fingertips. It allows mobility directly on the yard without having to go back to the office for any updates. workers can access the information they need to get the job done, and update the data instantly.

Cargo Proof of Condition

Stay in the loop in regards to the shipment’s condition when received at the terminal by taking photos. This will serve as a proof of condition on how it had been received in case a claim is raised.

Simple Shipment Declare

Transporting goods around the world is not without declaring it at customs. Here’s where Logisoft Terminal Operating System comes in. We help terminals declare the imported and exported cargoes to the customs and receive updates. We are ready to integrate our TOS with any customs authority.

Inventory Control

Match on ground cargo with Logisoft terminal operating system. Then, generate the inventory exceptions report to easily eradicate costly human errors, improve inventory accuracy and streamline the inventory management process.

We’ve Just Solved A Critical Terminal Operation Aspect!

You don’t have to ever worry about not being able to load & unload a vessel within its projected time interval.

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Using Logisoft Terminal Operating System

Using Logisoft Terminal Operating System

Cargo Announcement: eliminates data entry when receiving it


Cargo Receival and Barcode Printing


Updating the Cargo’s Location


Measuring the Cargo’s Dimensions: by length x width x height


Taking Pictures of the Cargo: as proof of condition


Preparing the Cargo for Loading: check customs clearance and validate the data


Loading the Cargo: scan the barcodes of the units being boarded on the vessel


Generating the Load List

Logisoft Terminal Operating System is customizable!

Wave goodbye to hours spent on searching for the right terminal operating system that caters to your business needs!

Ready to implement!