When you describe the process of loading and discharging wheeled cargo on and off vessels, you are usually describing RoRo shipping – also known as roll-on, roll-off shipping. It’s all about the rolling of cargo on and off the vessel instead of its other counterpart, the crane! This ultimately makes RoRo shipping much cheaper because they only require handling equipment with wheels through the terminal to be rolled on and off the shipping vessels. Although freight forwarders face some RoRo shipping challenges, it still remains the most secure and efficient cargo shipping process. It requires no heavy lifting, it isn’t a weather-dependent process, and your shipment remains unbothered all through the sail! The good news is, with the developing technology all around the world, RoRo shipping challenges are easier to overcome!

RoRo Shipping Challenges

With the rising trends of digitization and online automation using freight software solutions, RoRo shipping challenges have become more prominent. The increase in innovative technology in the freight industry proved the need for freight management software to reduce RoRo shipping challenges. Even if you rely on an online solution to perform all freight forwarding processes, your RoRo shipping challenges won’t just disappear. Amongst the most prominent RoRo shipping challenges that freight forwarders face nowadays are the increased costs of forwarding and shipping due to the global economic impact of the year 2020! Cost aside, though, what other RoRo shipping challenges a freight forwarder might face?

Technology Implementation

RoRo Shipping Challenges-Technology

If you are a freight forwarder that doesn’t utilize freight management software, you’re going to face one of the most annoying RoRo shipping challenges – technology implementation. Technology is advancing at a faster pace than ever these days, and while this technological advancement might be a success factor for so many companies, it only makes it more difficult for freight forwarders to streamline their processes fully. Freight forwarders use advanced communication and tracking tools to keep track and manage their cargo globally, and with RoRo shipments, there is a need to ensure that the cargo is being shipped and managed correctly. 

Real-time monitoring is becoming an essential requirement for effective management of any RoRo shipping!

Damage Risks

RoRo Shipping Challenges - Damage Risks

Shipping vehicles with RoRo freight is not an easy job. That’s a fact. One of the challenges of shipping rollable cargo from one place to another is the damage that the cargo or vehicle will have to endure along the journey. Whether these are potential accidents that might happen while loading or unloading the cargo from the ship or the rough weather at sea, these are the risks that you might be facing. With proper freight management software such as Logisoft, you will be provided with a digital system that shows a photo of the cargo in every stage of the shipping, when it’s received on the terminal and discharged to work as proof of the cargo condition. An FMS will also provide you with a digital and fully automated claims management functionality to handle your customers’ claims in a proper way which will, in turn, lead to customer satisfaction and retention.

Your Customer Experience 

RoRo Shipping Challenges - Customer Experience

The nature of the freight and logistics industry involves a number of different local and global partners working in cooperation to move cargo. This does not always result in the best customer service for the shipper, as there is so much that can often get lost in translation when dealing with other partners. With the evolution of technology came the development of freight management systems and freight forwarders. It’s a competitive industry that we are in! So, if you don’t use proper freight management software, your competitor probably will! With a promise of a more efficient and effective customer experience, it will be tough to compete with. This WOW factor will ultimately make it harder for you to gain more customers and retain the ones you already have! So, why not take matters into your own hands! Create better customer touchpoints and better WOW factors for your customers.

With Logisoft, you will be able to provide your customers with a self-service portal to track their cargo, check on their sailing schedules, get quotations, and make their bookings online and with minimum delays. Your customers will not have to deal with these shipping challenges ever again, and this will position you over and above the competition!

Cargo Stowage

RoRo Shipping Challenges-Cargo Stowage

Stowage of cargo can be a difficult task, especially during RoRo shipping. Profits are likely to be missed out on due to manual stowage planning, but a mathematical approach to the stowage problem may significantly increase profits. A well-evolved freight management solution will help you do that by calculating an optimized stowage plan. It also supports the ship’s stability by calculating the weight distribution in the ship.

Work From Home

RoRo Shipping Challenges-Work from Home

Some RoRo shipping challenges like playing a game of Houdini! They are unseen and take you by surprise. But sometimes, it all comes down to the human factor! You just might not have seen the warning signs, and it all comes falling on your head. Of course, we don’t mean acts of God or mother nature like a global pandemic hitting the globe! That’s entirely out of your hand. But, even so, with freight management software, you don’t have to worry. Cloud-based software that offers real-time monitoring, analysis to make optimal decisions, and flexibility to work from any place and any time could just be your salvation! Like the Logisoft freight management software – it puts your mind at total peace!


Defeating RoRo Shipping Challenges! 

The freight industry is no longer as it used to be. With freight management software, you can overcome any possible scenario that comes to mind. You can book shipments, create quotes, and maintain your customer base all at the same time. You just have to find a suitable solution that has all the benefits that you might need. This is the ultimate way to grow your business and grow in the world of freight. These solutions address some of the freight industry’s greatest issues, including any RoRo shipping challenges you can think of! 

Consider finding freight management software that does work for you and your clients! Check out Logisoft and book your one-on-one business consultancy session during which you will discover the real benefits and growth you can achieve by adopting such a solution.