This feature will primarily enhance flexibility & speed. Users can check data & modify it on the spot, which is a necessity in most of the logistics tasks as any delay can affect the operation performance.
You can start by receiving the cargo, assign it to a physical location, update the dimensions & take pictures as proof of cargo condition.
Also, it will help you prepare the loading operation (pre-loading):

  •  Block the cargo
  • Specify the reason
  • Physically check it & mark it as ready to be loaded

The app will show you the total number of cargo units that are supposed to be loaded, what is loaded, & what is remaining. Then perform a check to make sure the cargo is assigned to the voyage, customs cleared & not blocked.
At the destination, you will get alerts if the cargo is discharged in the wrong place as it would cause a lot of financial & operational damage.
On top of all these features, you can perform a full inventory check to verify the stock & catch any stock exception.
Stop short-landed, over-landed, or blind shipments now!

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