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Freight and Logistics software recognized by G2

With over 100,000 solutions to choose from, we’re thrilled to have made the list thrice in two G2 reports. In 2022, our company was honored to have received four awards:

Innovation in the Freight Industry

Introducing the FreightXplorer Digital Platform

2022 saw the successful launch of FreightXplorer Directory, a platform connecting logistics providers with shippers and clients. This platform aims to simplify the process of finding freight and logistics services. We believe FreightXplorer, set to fully launch in 2023, has the potential to revolutionize the freight industry.

Exceptional User Growth

Introducing Logisoft Mobile Version and Client Portal

In 2022, Logisoft’s user numbers grew 66% to 938, largely due to the introduction of the Logisoft Mobile Application and Client Portal. As of December 2022, over 2300 users and 1300 businesses were using Logisoft. These new tools have had a major impact on user adoption and helped drive our success. We expect to see continued growth in the coming years.

Boosted Efficiency and Productivity

Custom-Built Task Management Portal

Our custom-built task management portal is a game-changer for our team. It is customizable, scalable and designed to fit the unique workflow and processes of the company. It has paid off in spades by offering greater flexibility, efficiency and control, helping to streamline processes and improve productivity.

Stronger Team

Streamlined Onboarding and Hiring

At Logisoft, we value potential and invest in the development of our employees through targeted support and development opportunities. This includes one-on-one training and support during the onboarding process. Our efforts to optimize and improve our hiring process have resulted in more efficient and effective hiring decisions, which have benefited our team and contributed to our overall success. These improvements have had a clear impact on the company and we continue to see the benefits in every successful recruitment cycle.

Strong Impact on the Team

Talented New Hires

We welcomed two new team members, Marilyn Haber and Louay Masri, who bring a wealth of skills, knowledge and potential to our company. Marilyn is a Google DSC lead and Louay is a mechatronics engineer with a passion for software development. Both are intelligent and enthusiastic about software development, and we believe they will be instrumental in helping our company achieve success in the future. We look forward to their contributions as part of our team.

Technical Documentation and Standards

One of our achievements this year was the creation of comprehensive technical documentation for our software. It includes clear explanations of features and functions, standards for software development and architecture, and serves as a reference for new team members. This investment in documentation and standards has ensured the consistency and quality of our software, and has had a positive impact on our company’s operations and success.

Improved Our Disaster Recovery Plan

One of the key achievements of the past year was the implementation of a hot standby server with a disaster recovery plan which has an RPO of 30 minutes. This significantly strengthened our ability to cope with unexpected disruptions and gave our team and customers greater peace of mind. We are confident that our enhanced disaster recovery plan will enable us to continue operating smoothly and effectively, even in the face of unexpected challenges.

Positive Curve Continues to 2023

Financial Progress in Challenging Times

We have seen impressive financial growth despite the difficult global economic conditions. We attribute this success to the dedication and hard work of our team and the trust and support of our customers. As a company that values transparency, we are pleased to share our financial metrics and we believe that this positive trend will continue in the coming year:


Revenue growth rate


Debt-to-equity ratio improvement


Revenue per employee growth


Days sales outstanding improvement

2022's noteworthy changes

Features and releases that made a difference


  • We introduced the ability to book container shipments.


  • The US Customs and Border Protection switched to a new portal for AES filing. We were able to quickly integrate with the new portal, ensuring that our customers could continue using this feature without any interruption.


  • We introduced EU customs validation; a feature that allows users to ensure that their bookings comply with EU customs regulations.
  • We improved our “load and receive in bulk” feature which allows users to mark multiple units as loaded or received at the port quickly and easily rather than having to do it one by one.
  • We integrated with CM Telecom, a leading SMS provider, allowing us to implement SMS messaging in Logisoft. This allows users to send SMS messages to their customers or partners, or create automated SMS messages for events such as telex release, vessel arrival at ports and BLs ready for collection.
  • We completed a migration from .NET framework 5 to 6, and are currently preparing for the transition to .NET framework 7.
  • We added the “Shipping Terms” functionality that allows shipping lines to define their own shipping terms and have them selected by the agent or shipping line during the booking process.


  • We made performance improvements to the automated messaging feature and added additional functionalities such as the ability to add CC email addresses and attach certain types of documents to the dock receipt messaging job.
  • We deployed a standalone database to enable VIN decoding for US and Canadian vehicles on our platform rather than relying on external APIs. In addition to automatically selecting the make and model after decoding. If the decoded make and model are not found, a red warning will be displayed for the user.


  • We added significant flexibility to the charging feature. Users can now generate invoices and book bills from different parties for the same shipment which is useful when the user wants to book different costs and bills related to the same shipment from different vendors or charge the customer a full amount and the agent a specific commission.


  • We added the ability to create receivable payments against items rather than invoices which is helpful for users who prefer to have payments allocated to specific items or shipments rather than invoices.
  • We added the ability for users to auto-charge any shipment at the time of booking rather than having to wait until the shipment is received at the port of loading. This gives users more flexibility and convenience when using the auto-charging feature.


  • We implemented the tariff sheet feature which allows users to generate their freight tariff sheet automatically from the system based on tariff rules created with a customizable template. This is a valuable feature for users with many customers as it streamlines the process of managing tariffs.
  • We added the ability to generate invoices in bulk with the option to include one item or shipment per invoice. This is useful for users who need to generate sales invoices for a full manifest and want to include only one shipment or item per invoice.


  • We added the ability for users to import shipping line prices if the shipping line is using our software. This is useful for users whose pricing is based on the shipping line’s prices as they can easily add a margin on top of the freight cost.
  • We added a feature that generates an internal booking number automatically when a booking is saved. This number is separate from the shipping line’s booking number, and allows users to track and manage their bookings more efficiently.
  • We released a module that enables destination agents to collect freight payments at the destination. This module is fully integrated with the source agent, so the destination agent does not need to do any additional work besides booking the received payments and managing customer accounts. The shipment details and freight prices are automatically retrieved from the source agent; streamlining the payment process.


  • We modified the voyage design to include the final port of destination for transshipment.
  • We added the ability to specify the vessel type (Ro-Ro or Container) in the vessel information.
  • We completed a full integration with shipping line Grimaldi for sailing schedule information. This is beneficial for users who ship with Grimaldi as it automatically and accurately updates voyage information such as ETA, ETS, and port changes, saving time and effort for the user.
  • We added the ability for users to generate QR-Bills as they are now required in Switzerland for sales invoices. This ensures that companies are compliant with the new regulations in the country.


  • We added the ability for users to copy a booking which speeds up the booking process for users who have multiple bookings with similar shipping instructions.
  • We released an updated version of the Logisoft client portal and mobile app. We refactored and re-designed both platforms for better integration, management and scalability


  • We added a feature that allows users to create EU customs declaration requests for transshipments. Transshipments refer to the transfer of cargo from one vessel to another at a port during the course of its journey to its final destination.


  • We released the transport module which helps users manage and track the shipping process from start to finish. It allows users to create multiple transport instructions for the same shipment which is important for multimodal shipping, or when the shipment is being transported multiple times.
  • We released the inspection feature which allows users to perform inspections on shipments using the mobile app.

Success stories of 2022


11.9% Increase in Lines of Executable Code Reflects Development Team’s Hard Work and Dedication

In 2022, our development team contributed to a 11.9% increase in the total number of lines of code for our software, rising from 218,453 in 2021 to 244,466 by the end of 2022. This growth is a testament to the efforts of the team and the success of our product. As we continue to expand and enhance our offerings, we anticipate continued growth in the number of lines of code in the future.


Strategic Focus on Logisoft Software Performance and Speed

Our developers have been working hard to improve the performance and speed of our software by refactoring code, optimizing queries and making various other improvements. They have restructured and reorganized parts of the codebase to make it more efficient and easier to maintain. They have also optimized queries to reduce the amount of time it takes to retrieve and process data from the database. This was a strategic decision for this year, for we wanted to prioritize the performance and speed of the software in order to provide the best possible user experience.


Enhancing Reliability through Improved Testing and Bug Fixing

In the past year, we made a commitment to improve the quality and reliability of our software by increasing test coverage and fixing bugs. The team’s efforts have paid off, resulting in a 4.74x increase in the number of tests run and the fixing of 318 bugs. These achievements reflect our commitment and dedication to providing our customers with the best possible product. We believe that our focus on testing and bug fixes will help us to continue to deliver the best possible products to our customers, and ensure the quality and reliability of our software.


Software Success Highlighted by Record Number of Bookings and Shipments

We saw strong performance in terms of bookings and units shipped through our software. Our software processed a total of 169,960 bookings and facilitated the shipment of 347,951 units, including 657 containers, in 2022. These metrics show the success of our software in managing shipments and the demand for our products. We will continue to focus on delivering high-quality products and excellent customer service in order to maintain this strong performance in the future.

2023 Roadmap

Delivering Value to Customers


  • Integrating with Additional Shipping Lines
    Integrating our software with more shipping lines to track shipments, access information, streamline processes, and reduce manual work. This will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and drive revenue growth.


  • Developing a Document Management Feature
    Adding document management feature to Logisoft to easily upload, store, access important documents and improve efficiency. Feature includes tools for setting up alerts to stay on top of shipments and boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.


  • Adding New Features and Functionalities to Logisoft Client Portal
    Improving Logisoft Client Portal by adding various features and functionalities, including announcements, customizable dashboard, streamlined booking, integrated web quotation, live chat support, and visual tracking of shipments to improve functionality and user experience.


  • Improving User Experience with Enhanced Messaging Features
    Improving communication for our users by adding new features to messaging feature such as ability to send shipping documents and reports, announcements, and tracking feature to check status of sent messages to ensure prompt and accurate delivery.


  • Adding a Quotation Module to Logisoft
    Streamlining quotation process by building a quotation module for automatic or manual pricing and easy conversion to bookings.


  • Building a Vessel Tracking Feature
    We will be adding a vessel tracking feature with a global map showing all vessels and shipments in real-time. This feature will allow users to easily track the location and status of their shipments.


  • Enhancing the Bill of Lading Process with New Modifiable Functionality
    With the aim of streamlining the process and improving efficiency, we will introduce a new functionality that allows the draft bill of lading to be received in a format that can be modified and approved. This will enable any necessary changes to be made and for the final version to be easily approved.


  • Enhancing the Logisoft Mobile App with New Features
    Enhancing Logisoft mobile app by adding features such as scanning shipments discharged from a vessel, dashboard with key performance indicators, and inventory management functionalities to improve functionality and convenience.


  • Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Improve Voyage Calculation and Prediction Module
    Improving efficiency and accuracy of voyage calculation and prediction module by implementing AI and machine learning updates for more accurate financial calculations and predictions, providing valuable insights for business decisions.


  • Pushing the Limits of Automation and Innovation to Benefit Our Users
    Focusing on automation and efficiency by customizing and developing new features based on user needs, implementing task management tools, live chat support, additional reports and documents, and stowage planning solutions to streamline cargo loading process, with the goal of automating as much of the freight business as possible to improve efficiency and convenience for our users.

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