Voyage estimation & calculation is one of the most robust features in Logisoft. It allows you to estimate a voyage profit in advance and simulate many voyages scenarios so you can plan the most effective sailing schedule & ports rotation
Advantages on the cost level:
1- You can predefine the vessels’ fuel rules to estimate the voyage fuel consumption
2- Configure all ports charges and contracts
3- Define the overall operational cost
You can also update the actual fuel consumption progressively and get your calculation more accurate
On the revenue level:
1- You may predefine general tariff rules for estimation, or take advantage of our billing module to calculate the revenue based on the actual customers’ tariff.
2- The system will predict the cargo delivery as per the vessel arrival to the loading port(s) to forecast the revenue
Logisoft voyage planning, calculation, and estimation is a must module for any NVOCC, VOCC, and ocean carrier to operate their vessels based on real “numbers”!

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