Let’s get one thing clear. Your freight business is just not the same as it is with advanced freight solution software. If there’s one thing your competitors have that your business is missing to get to the top and become more efficient and successful, it’s proper software by their side. Cue Logisoft. Logisoft is operated by a team of experts who hold vast knowledge and experience in the freight industry to provide top-quality services to their clients. Now, you’re probably wondering what it is that’s so great about it and how exactly it is that one software can transform a whole business. It’s quite simple. The Logisoft software has various features tailored to meet the needs of freight businesses and is very user-friendly. Want to know more? Here is the comprehensive guide to Logisoft freight solution software to get you started on everything your freight business needs to elevate its performance!


Logisoft’s Features

Explicitly designed for freight forwarders, NVOCC, ocean carriers, terminal operators, customs brokers, and shipping agencies, Logisoft ensures that only the best services are provided to your freight business and that it is treated the way it deserves to be treated. This is done by presenting you with software enriched with features that hold the key to your business’s success! But what exactly are these features we’re talking about? Let’s find out together.

Freight Quotations

Freight Quotations - Comprehensive Guide to Logisoft

A freight quotation is a document that describes the charges involved when shipping cargo from one point to another, and this quotation is usually provided by the carrier or logistics services provider, depending on the sales contract. Logisoft provides these freight quotations for your freight business to make sure this process runs smoothly.

Booking & Tracking

Booking & Tracking - Comprehensive Guide to Logisoft

If you still input booking data manually into your system, you’re doing it all wrong. Logisoft offers booking features to automatically take care of any booking operations for your freight business. It also provides tracking features to ensure that shipments go through every stage of the shipment process smoothly and to be aware of any problems or mistakes along the way.

Cost Management, Billing, & Accounting

Cost Management - Comprehensive Guide to Logisoft

Does it take too much time and effort for you to make sure your freight business is managing its costs and making enough revenue? A proper freight management software like Logisoft provides the appropriate kind of freight cost management controls to ensure that all the financial processes that go into cargo transportation across the globe are efficient and competent. You need software to perform everything related to your billing, invoice data, and entry in the most proper and correct manner.

Voyage Management & Calculation

Voyage Management & Calculation

The voyage management process can be a complex one if not done correctly. It involves an array of decisions covering the entire voyage lifecycle, each of which has its impact on the profit and loss cycle. Your freight business needs reliable and timely data to access the decision support required to carry out more efficient and profitable voyages.

As for some of the voyage costs involved in the shipping process, they include operational costs, fuel costs, daily hire costs, and so much more. This voyage calculation process can also be complicated and time-wasting if not done correctly, but that’s what Logisoft is here for.

Integration with Terminals & Terminal Cargo Management

Terminal Integration

Terminals, terminals, terminals. Whether it’s airports, seaports, railroad terminals, or trucking terminals, terminal integration is critical in the supply chain management process. The way in which the shipment or cargo is transported from one terminal to the other safely and without any problems can impact other integral parts of the process. Managing the cargo that is transported to the terminal is another vital aspect of freight management. Logisoft does it all for you and takes away all the hassle that might be complicating your freight business.

Integration with Ocean Carriers & Ocean Carrier Cargo Management

Ocean Carriers Integration - Comprehensive Guide to Logisoft

Using an advanced application programming interface (API), Logisoft provides easy integration between your freight business and ocean carriers to ensure that the cargo being shipped with ocean carriers does not go through any problems or issues. Managing your cargo is necessary, and Logisoft is precisely what you need to take another task off your back and put it in the hands of an experienced team that your business can trust. This comprehensive guide to Logisoft is all you need to discover the beneficial features of the solution your freight business needs!

Other Great Features

Logisoft offers various other features such as freight collect management, web portal, bill of lading, manifest, handheld application, barcode or RFID, stock management, customs declarations, land transport, VIN decoder, and validations by ports. These great features of an excellent freight solution software are what make or break your freight business. You could have hired freight software to solve your problems only to find out you’re spending money for nothing. However, with Logisoft, you won’t have to worry about managing, tracking, booking, or any other task that we can do for you! This comprehensive guide to Logisoft will help you better understand all the different solutions to your freight business problems.


Get on Board with Logisoft

Logisoft’s mission is to help freight and logistics companies reduce complexity and become more efficient by upgrading their businesses to fully automated, fully integrated IT solutions. That’s exactly what our software is all about! Your freight business needs it by its side to reduce costs, improve customer service, increase revenue, and take it to the very top!

So, you’ve read the comprehensive guide to Logisoft and decided to get on board and start your business transformation journey. Good for you! Now, the only question is how to get started. It’s effortless. Just get in touch by giving us a call or sending an email to book your free consultation and discover the wonders of having freight solution software by your side! If all goes well, you’ll get the chance to try out Logisoft for one-month and all for free! Book now and see for yourself.