Most of the people in the freight industry suffer from very complicated pricing conditions and rules and because of this they prefer to charge manually. This process is time-consuming and highly error-prone especially when you have a high volume and a lot of variables related to the cargo and the shipment. BUT NOT WITH LOGISFOT! We help you to define all your tariff and even do any customization whenever needed. How?

This is how it works:

  • Predefine your charges (sea freight, BAF, CAF, THC)
  • Create custom tariff rules based on the shipping instructions and the cargo specifications and dimensions, and you can group the rules by clients
  • Create generic tariff rules and specific ones by clients or groups. The tariff formula can be a lump sum, percentage of cargo dimensions, volume or weight, or percentage of another charge. It can also increase proportionally if the dimensions increase or exceed a certain limit (for over height, over length, over width and overweight cargo)
  • Include flexible discounts on volume and charge storage by day – Select the targeted voyage, auto-charge, and then generate the invoices in 3 clicks!
  • Auto-send invoices to your clients, and post them to your accounting system

Just imagine how profitable your operation is when a full voyage is billed in less than a minute! Yes, you heard it right, LESS THAN A MINUTE!
One thing not to forget, because Logisoft is fully integrated with the ocean carriers and the seaport terminals, the shipping data that is required in the charging process is automatically retrieved and updated in the system. That is also another huge advantage!

The invoice template is made specifically for shipping and shows all the necessary data such as Pol, Pod, Voyage, etc. also include the cargo manifest.

Are you ready to forget about billing errors and control accounting time-waste? Get started now:

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