The logistics industry is included in the largest enterprises in the world with the highest amount of trade entrepreneurial activities. It runs different logistic activities with various parties involved to transport, store, and deliver cargo through multiple networks. In addition, it is a massive web of interconnected companies, carriers, and government agencies that are interdependent on one another. Also, to make sure that everything is smooth sailing, the logistics industry took a turn to a more digital approach.
Furthermore, the
6.5 Trillion dollar industry has joined the digital world with freight solution software to make logistic processes easier and error-free. The larger the industry grows, the more the global freight market requires quicker and better solutions to make the transportation process devoid of human error. 

The driver of Rapid Development

The international trade industry is unquestionably one of the key drivers of economic growth. Therefore, freight solution software can be the leading cause of its rapid development in the coming years. Nevertheless, the problem is, which freight solution software should companies go for? Many startups and companies also claim to provide the best freight solution software that could manage freight shipping and processes, but they don’t all work. Nonetheless, there is no place for errors in this time-delicate industry!
Therefore, this is why we have composed a list of the 8 best freight solution software to get your business going in 2021!

The Best of the Best Freight Solution Software

What makes a freight solution software better than the other? There are a lot of specifications that give freight solution software an edge above others. It’s the idea of which software makes companies’ lives easier and freight shipping smoother. This is also why taking out human factors reduces errors significantly. The global rail freight traffic is projected to reach about 12 trillion-ton kilometers by 2025; the air logistics traffic hit 61.2 million metric tons in 2019 and is on the rise. Also, the maritime transportation system reached 11 billion metric tons in 2018. Therefore, in a nutshell, the industry is a growing GIANT that has no tolerance for mistakes. Also, these comprehensive and user-friendly logistics software solutions with cloud-based end-to-end freight solutions help you carry on freight processes without any hassle!

PS; please note that the freight solution software listed in this article is not in any particular order! In addition, this is also an unbiased professional guide to help you find the best freight solution software for your company.

Logisuite Corporation for Freight Solution Software

Freight Solution Software - Logisuite - Logisoft

The Logisuite Corporation is a software that provides logistics and transportation solutions in a single platform and a suite of services. You can also customize these products according to your exact needs with the latest technology. Manage your business and improve the quality of services with Logisuite and 20 years of experience in the logistics and transportation industry. In addition, you can have a complete portfolio of solutions like inventory control, supply chain management, third-party logistics, freight forwarding software, and more. 

Logisuite Features:
– Air, Ocean, And Courier Freight Export
– Quotes And Bookings
– Direct & Consolidation Shipments
– Certificate Of Origin
– Commercial Invoice
– Aes Certified
– Proof Of Delivery
– Automatic Rates Calculation
– Profit/ Loss Shipment Report
– Barcode / Scanning
– Multicurrency
– Cargo Status Update, Tracking, Pod Web Integration
– Transfer To Logisuite’s accounting System (A/R, A/P & Gl)

With Logisuite, you get comprehensive and user-friendly logistics software solutions for companies of all sizes in the freight industry. You also have a complete accounting system right from the Logisuite operations software!

Transcount for Freight Management!

Freight Solution Software - Transcount - Logisoft

Transcount is a freight solution software that is cloud-based, offers freight quoting, booking, management, and SaaS solution.  Furthermore, you can set up and launch your own user-based logistics business and become a digital service provider. You can also boost your freight forwarding business and push for business growth through a digitized workspace.

Transcount Features:
– Quoting & Booking
– Order Management
– Document Management
– Communication Platform
– Freight Accounting
– Microsites

Therefore, Transcount promises to manage every part of shipping needed by freight forwarders to move from point X to point Y. Transcount also promises to do so quickly and efficiently while taking out all the manual processes and paperwork.

Welcome to the Logitude World

Freight Solution Software - Logitude - Logisoft

Logitude is a self-proclaimed pioneer in the freight forwarding cloud-based software industry. They also wanted to enable freight forwarders to digitize their experience and use cloud-computing features to set up virtual offices and create a flexible business. Logitude considered different aspects of the freight forwarding process and incorporated them in their cloud environment. They also made the “Shared Logistics” feature that enables freight forwarders to share their information with their clients anywhere and at any time for smooth, seamless communication.

Logitude Features:
– End To End Freight Forwarding Management
– Costs & Profit/Loss Analysis
– Invoicing & Collection
– Cargo/Shipment Quotes
– e-AWB Software Capability
– Online Freight Management Software For All Logistics Activities

Logitude World is the first SaaS freight solution software with user-friendly freight forwarding system modules. You can also use predefined queries to meet international trade online services. Logitude World also promises higher productivity and leverage in the freight industry!

CARGOBASE for the Complete Experience

Freight Solution Software - Cargobase - Logisoft

Cargobase is a leading customizable cloud-based logistics platform providing solutions to help you better manage your freight procedures in an effective, efficient, and economic manner. It provides smart and real solutions that assist companies worldwide to transform the way things operate in an ever-evolving logistics landscape. With their omni-modal coverage and end-to-end optimization, you can use the Cargobase experience anytime, anywhere! Maximize your freight management with Cargobase.
Cargobase Features:
– All users can customize the platform to their local preferences
– Multilingual
– Multi-Currency
– Multi-Measure
– On the clock Support
– Air Freight, Next-Flight-Out, On-Board-Courier, Air Charters
– Ocean Freight
– Rail Freight
– FTL, LTL, Specialized Vehicles, Vans, and Sprinters
– Flexible Freight Modes, such as Storage and Warehousing.

With over 500 organizations, logistics experts, and freight procurement specialists on board in their customer base, Cargobase provides the best customizable 24/7/365 logistics SaaS across all industries! 

LogistaaS Freight Solution Software

Freight Solution Software - LogistaaS - Logisoft

These are the days of digital logistics, and so every freight forwarder has to find the best freight solution software to get their business running. LogistaaS uses advanced technology and initiatives to integrate the various supply chains. Allow technology to be your guiding path, and check LogistaaS for a freight solution software globally.

LogistaaS Features:
– Smart And Efficient Workflow
– Automatic Generation Of Any Document You Need
– Update And Track Shipment Status
– Manage And Generate Invoicing, Debit Notes, And Payments
– Support Local Tax Schemes And Different Currencies
– Integrates With Local Accounting Software
– Manage The Sales Team
– Follow Up On Inquiries And Offers
– Cloud-based
– Secure Software With Encrypted Channels

Furthermore, LogistaaS claims to give you an edge against competition in the freight industry with their fierce cutting-edge software that is user-friendly and affordable at the same time.

Freight Solution Software: CargoWise One

Freight Solution Software - Cargowise One- Logisoft

Manage all your transportation and freight operations with CargoWise One – a single-platform freight software solution. In addition, Logistics companies can manage seismic change, increased tariffs, and different regulations and taxes all through one platform! This helps to increase productivity and improve automation. And, you can also monitor the status of your cargo, order, and shipments with this automated workflow!

CargoWise Features:
– Web Tracker With Automated Alerts On Issues Or Reports
– Auto-costing With Multi-currency
– Automated Workflows
– Electronic Communication
– Search Engine To Locate Consoles Or Shipments

Cargowise offers to put your productivity above everything else by optimizing your supply chains across all types of modes and borders while reducing cost and mitigating risks.

Magaya Supply Chain Freight Solution Software

FSS - Magaya - Logisoft

With the evolution of the market, your freight needs evolve as well. And that’s where Magaya could come in handy. It helps boost your productivity through managing different logistics operations in one platform. Also, you can draft freight quotes, submit documents, and manage your procedures. In addition, it’s a cloud-based end-to-end freight solution software that promises to run your business in a single SCM solution efficiently. 

Magaya Features:
– Freight Bookings
– Shipments Export, Import, or Domestic
– Ocean, Air, and Ground Freight
– Consolidations, Straight, LCL, or FCL
– Customs Compliance and Documentation
– Automated Dimensioning, Weighing, and Photographing of Cargo
– Visibility and Tracking Information
– Delivery and Storage Prices
– Canada eManifest, Panama Colon DMCE, México ValidaCarga
– Local Pick-ups and Last Mile Deliveries
– Billing, Invoicing, and Accounting 

Magaya is passionate about bringing its clients to success and growth through constant innovation and an all-in-one supply chain automation platform. Also, they promise that their collection of extensions and apps will help freight forwarders and companies in the freight industry grow. 

Logisoft: The Only Freight Solution Software You Will Ever Need

FSS - Logisoft

What if we tell you that you could have it ALL? All the features you could possibly need to make your life so much better, so much easier, and so much more efficient! Well, with Logisoft, all of that is possible. Logisoft is the best freight solution software because it is a software created by the people in the industry for the people in the industry. Above all, the creators of Logisoft know what it’s like to go through freight processes and all the hassle that comes with them. Therefore, their freight solution software undoubtedly has it all. 

Logisoft Features:
– Freight Quotations
– Booking & Tracking
– Validations by Ports
– VIN Decoder
– Land Transport
– Customs Declarations
– Stock & Cost Management
– Barcode or RFID
– Integration with Terminals
– Terminal Cargo Management
– Handheld Application
– Web Booking, Tracking, and Sailing schedules
– Bill of Lading & Manifest
– Voyage Management & Calculation
– Billing & Accounting
– Integration with Ocean Carriers
– Ocean Carrier Cargo & Freight Collect Management

In conclusion, Logisoft has it all! Is there anything more you might need? We really doubt it! Check out Logisoft for the best and straightforward freight solution software for an efficient, smart, and easy freight process. In addition, Logisoft also offers a vast variety of services, all of which you tailor to your exact needs. It also provides your company with the necessary tools to grow in the freight industry.