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API Version: v1.0


The Get Vessels API allows you to get the names of the vessels.

Sample Request


   GET https://app.logisoft.io/api/Vessels/GetVessels


Status Meaning Description
200 OK Successful operation

Sample Response

Status code: 200


    "Hyundai 202",
    "Hyundai 203",
    "Chang Tai Hong",
    "Grande Atlantico",
    "Grande Francia",
    "Grande Nigeria",
    "Grande Argentina",
    "Grande Africa",
    "Grande America",
    "Grande Brasile",
    "Silver Sun",
    "Asian Captain",
    "Asian Trust",
    "Grande San Paolo",
    "Grande Amburgo",
    "Grand Spagna",
    "Grande Spagna",
    "Grande Italia"
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