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API Version: v1.0


The Get Vessels API allows you to get the names of the vessels as well as their corresponding details.

Sample Request




Status Meaning Description
200 OK Successful operation


Name Required Type Description
Line false string The name of the shipping line
ScheduleCategory false string Trade routes e.g. USA, Europe, etc.

Sample Response

Status code: 200


        "name": "Silver Sun",
        "yearBuilt": null,
        "cargoCapacity": 2200.0,
        "maxDeckHeight": 580.0,
        "maxDeckWidth": 810.0,
        "maxRampWeight": 70000.0,
        "flag": "Panama",
        "speed": 14.00
        "name": "Sebring Express",
        "yearBuilt": null,
        "cargoCapacity": 3930.0,
        "maxDeckHeight": 510.0,
        "maxDeckWidth": 700.0,
        "maxRampWeight": 10000.0,
        "flag": "Panama",
        "speed": 15.70
        "name": "SILVER RAY",
        "yearBuilt": null,
        "cargoCapacity": 4148.0,
        "maxDeckHeight": 530.0,
        "maxDeckWidth": 780.0,
        "maxRampWeight": 80000.0,
        "flag": "Panama",
        "speed": 15.00


Name Type Description
Name string The name of vessel
YearBuilt int The year when the vessel was built
CargoCapacity decimal Cargo capacity of the vessel(RT)
MaxDeckHeight decimal The maximum height of the vessel(CM)
MaxDeckWidth decimal The maximum width of the vessel (CM)
MaxRampWeight decimal The maximum ramp weight capacity of the vessel(TONS)
Flag string The nationality of the vessel
Speed decimal The speed of the vessel (KNOTS)
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