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API Version: v1.0


The Unit Tracking API allows you to trace and track your shipment online in real-time by barcode.


Sample Request



agentId: The agentId in the above request is that of a demo company. Please contact our support team in order to provide you with the corresponding shipping agent ID.


Status Meaning Description
200 OK Successful operation
300 Multiple choices The request has more than one possible response.
404 Not found File is not found at the specific path


Name Required Type Description
barcode false string The barcode of the unit
agentId true long The Id of the shipping agent

Sample Response

Status code: 200


 "pol": "Port Elizabeth",
 "vessel": "Silver Moon",
 "voyageNumber": "21BU08",
 "pod": "Emden",
 "serialNumber": "SB1KM28E40F048286",
 "makeAndModel": "TOYOTA COROLLA",
 "dischargedOn": null,
 "shippedOn": "2021-08-24T07:35:22",
 "receivedOn": "2021-08-24T07:35:22"


Name Type Description
Pol string Port of loading
Vessel string Vessel name
VoyageNumber string The unique identifier for the voyage
Pod string Port of discharge
SerialNumber string Serial number or the VIN number of the vehicle
MakeAndModel string The make model of the vehicle or URF
ReceivedOn DateTime The date when the unit was received
ShippedOn DateTime The date when the unit was shipped
DischargedOn DateTime The date when the unit was discharged at the terminal
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