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Get Shipping Lines Pols

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API Version: v1.0


The Get Shipping Lines Pols API allows you to get the names of the ports of loading as well as their corresponding details of a specific Shipping line and/or schedule category.

Sample Request


   GET https://app.logisoft.io/api/voyage/pols


Status Meaning Description
200 OK Successful operation


Name Required Type Description
Line false string The name of the shipping line
ScheduleCategory false string Trade routes e.g. USA, Europe, etc.

Sample Response

Status code: 200


        "name": "Abidjan",
        "code": "CIABJ",
        "country": "CI",
        "latitude": 5.329500,
        "longitude": -4.029500
        "name": "Altamira",
        "code": "MXATM",
        "country": "MX",
        "latitude": 22.400000,
        "longitude": -97.920000
        "name": "Amsterdam",
        "code": "NLAMS",
        "country": "NL",
        "latitude": 52.370750,
        "longitude": 4.878955
        "name": "Ancona",
        "code": "ITAOI",
        "country": "IT",
        "latitude": 43.619535,
        "longitude": 13.502415
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