I just got back from the STEP Conference in Dubai: the leading Middle Eastern tech festival on topics such as startups, IPOs, robots, spatial computing, 5G, VR, AR, blockchain, AI and many others. My team and I had an amazing time networking with other startup founders and investors and attending inspiring panels and workshops.

My company Logisoft Technologies Ltd. was one of the 300+ startups that participated in the pitch competition where we showcased ATOS, the newest technology solution we’re working on. ATOS automates operations of cargo terminals to make them fully autonomous. Investors were quite interested to learn more about how our solution uses AI, machine learning and drones to scan, locate and measure vehicles in terminal yards. We’ve had many inspired discussions about the future of the logistics industry with this new tech in place.

Congrats to STEP Conference for organization and an amazing experience we had while spending two days there. Dubai is a great hub for innovation and support for startups. We’re definitely coming back in 2021, and we’ll definitely be engaged more in the Dubai tech scene in the future.


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